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leather Book of Shadows for learning Wicca Pagan Spells A grimoire Witch book

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Book of shadows, grimoire, learn Wicca the easiest way with hundreds AND HUNDREDS of spellcraft to do.
8 1/2 x 11
Choose your color and center on the book
This shows the green distressed leather
Add and remove pages. It's a forever book of shadows and will grow with you over the years
Antique style decor centered on the cover
All my books are handmade by me.

The paper in this book is a very old newspaper style. Not the marble parchment

I pay close attention to every detail when creating a book of shadows
Once you make your first entry in your book be sure not to let anyone touch it (unless you trust that person)

a very short list of contents

The book has all the information you need to get started on your path.
I include the most important information starting with the Laws of Wicca, informational pages, goddesses and gods in list format
correspondences, moons with zodiac animals and so on. pages of chants, the herb section is large and each herb comes with a quick on the go spell to do. a candle section with spells. The sabbats with information. I have included 75 spells not counting the spells throughout the book. Over half the spells in the back of the book are rare and not seen on the internet.
the backside of the pages is left blank for your entries.

I do use antique style cloth for the inside cover material. Material varies in pattern due to availability.


I do wish to sell to people who practice GOOD magic and not evil magic.

The book is made to look very old and weathered.

I do use standard photos for my books. Because these books are handmade, no two books will ever look the same.