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Journal blank notebook book Book of Shadows Spells Book grimoire Witch book of shadows Altar Journal

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Book of Shadows journal, Grimoire, Spell book

Blank inside for your entries.
Folds over to keep the book closed and locked
If you have a favorite theme please send me a message I would love to create your book for you!
Add and remove pages
You can add your favorite pages you may already have. You can add your own photo pages and keep notes and herbs inside. This book will last forever!
I make the books look just like a solid sewn hardcover antique style bound book.
I am excited to have this feature for you because you can't tell by looking at the book that you can add and remove pages. It is very detailed and very strong )0(*

One of a kind
Antique/primitive-looking clasps
Antique style paper and a great for your Calligraphy

If you are looking for a new factory book..well this is not where you want to be!

This book is brand new but made to look antique and primitive.

This paper came from an old paper mill. I have had many inquiries of where did I get such amazing paper. What a beautiful addition this paper has made!

The edges are tea leaf-dyed to give you that antique appeal!
700 PAGES includes the front and back of each of the pages. Antique style cloth interior. Binding has extra security for this very sturdy book(hardcover).

The size is very large. Approx 8.5 x 11.5 (slightly larger than an average printer paper)
Thank you for looking
Blessed be )0(*

Please note that. I am the designer of this stylebook and have been patented for this design. I will address anyone who copies my work without any questions asked. I state this very strongly because I have worked very hard to create these amazing books.
Love and light!