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Book of Shadows / The Witching Hour Glass / Journal / Wiccan / Pagan / Witchy / Stars / Handmade Journal /Quill / Binder / BOS / Spell Book

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Handmade Book Of Shadows... / Journal Featuring the
~ The Witching Hour Glass~
from The Witching Hour Oracle" Collection
Take yourself to lands long ago... where the burning of candles lit our dwellings in the middle of darkest nights and the moonlight shimmered through primitive glass windows. Here sitting beside a window with feather in hand is a old wise crone. She dips the feather pen within the glass bottle that holds a pool of raven black ink captive and begins to scribe upon aged parchment... the parchment within the book... the BOOK. This is the book of knowledge... of the earth... of the mother... of life and of death... here she scribes all of what the years have taught her... to pass from generation to generation...

You can... as she had long ago... pass such a precious gift to your children...
within your very own Book of Shadows.

Or... this book would be wonderful guest or memory book for that special couple for their Handfasting / Wedding.
XL Handmade Book Description:

• Created with a chosen art print from my non-limited collection.
• Cover image is printed on water resistant canvas.
• Exotic handmade or decorative papers are used on the cover of the book.
• Inside papers can be added and removed.
• Book Measurements: 2.5" inches thick • 9.5" inches wide • 11.5" inches tall
• Accompanied with a handmade feather pen and a fabric bag for storing.

Inside Pages: Inside each book contains approximately 500 pages (250 sheets). Due to the aging process... I can only give an approximate. The pages are hand-aged and stained to perfection to give a old vintage look. I do this by tea-staining and burning the edges of the paper and drying each by hand. Due to this labor intensive process... some pages may be bent, folded, ripped or creased. It's a part of the book's charm!

Book Cover: The canvas printed cover, sometimes due to the printing method, has very tiny white flecked spots. The spots are really hard to see unless tilted just right in some lighting. There is no way to avoid this as it happens on all printed canvas. It adds more charm to the cover giving it that age old look!

Additional Accents on this Book:
• This book has beads in the binding.