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Beautiful Astrology Book With Purple Gilt - Astrology Zodiac Grimoire Occult Magick Witchcraft Pagan Gothic Vintage Curiosity Oddity Rare

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The printed word is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Soon, all information will be a collection of an abstract series of 1s and 0s displayed on a screen in a form humans can process. But, what would happen if something catastrophic were to happen? Would all that information still be retained or would analog be the only thing to survive?

What many forget is that actual words and even books themselves contain energy. Over many years, these books have inspired and absorbed the energy of their owners and the world around them. Even on a physical level, every single item created after the detonation of the first atomic bomb contains trace amounts of radioactive material. This is a common way to test the authenticity of artwork. These objects become the world around them.

The words written on a page in a book are not the same as words displayed on a screen. They, themselves, are an illusion and can be easily edited. This is especially important to understand when dealing with grimoires that contain ancient knowledge that require faith and belief to amount to anything. Having a tangible connection to the tome, itself, is just as important to the knowledge inside.